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NED+’s Freeform Prism expanded production,and the production capacity increased by 2 times

Recent years, the development of AR/VR industry is changing day by day. With the support of elements including policy, industry, technology and capital, for example, metaverse or Web 3.0,  AR/VR ecology is becoming more and more perfect and mature. There is a general consensus in the industry that AR will be the next-generation mobile computing platform after smartphones, and ever since domestic and foreign technology giants are scrambling to layout AR/VR field, while Meta, Microsoft, Apple, Qualcomm, Tencent, Bytedance and other companies launching related businesses and products one after another at the same time, AR/VR devices are considered as the basic facilities of metaverse and important entrance of next-generation Internet.


After a long-time development of technology and accumulation of customer demand, NED+ continued to deep plowing and explore in AR/VR field and core optical technologies, and currently has two core optical technology underlying platform as free-form surface (geometric optics) and micro & nano optics (diffractive optics), and successively expanded the AR/VR display and optometry and other heavyweight application development platform.


As the technical strength is recognized by more and more customers, NED+'s Freeform Prism  surface R&D and design and manufacturing capabilities are widely recognized by global brands, and the demand for orders is growing rapidly. In order to better meet the needs of the market and customers, NED+ started the expansion and transformation project of the  Freeform Prism surface intelligent manufacturing base - Dega Smart in the second half of 2021.


With the gradual completion of the recent expansion and renovation project, Dega Smart manufacturing base will further expand thousands of square meters of plant area, expand multiple 10,000 and 1,000 grade high precision assembly workshops, achieve exponential expansion of  Freeform Prism optical module production capacity,  Freeform Prism optical lens production capacity from 1.4 million pieces/year to 2.6 million pieces/year, achieving nearly 2 times expansion, and has formed a high quality and stable in the field of AR/VR optics , We have formed a high quality and stable supply capacity in AR/VR optical field.

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